Hannah and Kathryn founded Made with Music in 2012 when they couldn't find any classes featuring live music to take their young children to. As trained musicians and workshop leaders, they set up classes for their friends to come to and the organisation grew from there.


Made with Music has always operated on a not-for-profit basis, providing access to music for a range of organisations and individuals. We became a charity in 2018 with a board of trustees who oversee our programme of work and the musicians who work with us to deliver many different musical opportunities.

Access is at the heart of everything we do and we'd love to work with anyone who might need help developing accessible resources.


As an organisation, we believe that:

Music is for everyone - we love introducing music to groups who may not have had the opportunity before

Music should be shared - we never work on our own and love sharing our skills and experiences whilst learning from others (it’s lonely being freelance!)

Music is best experienced live - we work with trained musicians in a variety of genres and introduce a variety of instruments

Music doesn’t discriminate - everyone is unique and so our work is planned thoughtfully in collaboration those we work with

Music is adaptable - we enjoy responding to new environments and taking music to interesting or unusual places



Made with Music was founded by Hannah Dilworth and Kathryn Sturman, but we now have a board of trustees and a number of freelancers who work regularly with us. 
We'll update this section with everyone's details soon!


Founders / Directors / Musicians

Hannah and Kathryn both studied music at the University of Leeds, spending a year abroad in France (Hannah) and Italy (Kathryn). They met while working at Opera North and have been working in arts education as workshop leaders and project managers for over ten years.


Board Member

My professional background is in tv and radio production but I'm also a mum to two young boys. I started working in TV production as a researcher back in 2001 working on a variety of archive based programmes for ITV and Channel 4 and went on to be an assistant producer working on programmes such as The Dales and Tonight. However, I have more recently found my passion lies in producing audio content for podcasts and radio, something I continue to do in-between breastfeeding and chasing after my 3-year-old.

Although I have absolutely no skill as a singer or musician, music is an incredibly important part of my life - I don't think there is anything that can capture the imagination quite like it. There are songs that can bring me to tears within the first line and there are songs that can bring my husband to tears as I dance embarrassingly around the kitchen thinking I'm a teenager again. And as a mum I'm starting to see how music is already shaping my 3-year-old's life - from the nursery rhymes that I have to sing every evening at bedtime to the carols he's learning with his friends for his nursery carol concert - no doubt there will be more tears from me!



Board Member

Hannah originally studied for a degree in drama and a subsequent MA in Theatre and Development Studies. A 'portfolio career' has seen her work with puppets in Africa, be an actor/creative facilitator, deliver creative sessions in schools, train trainers and dabble in finance. Most recently she has been leading on strategic cultural visioning, commissioning art and project management in Libraries.
Most likely to be found singing and prancing around with her two under 5s or reading something.

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Leeds, UK