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Mini-Gig for LS29 at the Manor House
Friday 2nd June, 2pm & 5pm.

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Welcome to the first Made with Music mini-gig for LS29 at the Manor House! We’re so pleased you could join us today for two different acts - you can find more information about them below. We have scarves you can borrow for dancing and mini-guitars that you can have a go at playing. Don’t forget to ask the musicians any questions you have after their set. Made with Music is an award winning charity and believe that everyone should have access to live music. We run these minigigs regularly at the Brudenell Social Club as well as other events for families to enjoy together. We try to make everything we do accessible and inclusive for everyone so please let us know if we can do anything to make today easier for you.

Have fun! 




Wychbury are a contemporary folk duo consisting of vocalist Rhiannon Kenny and guitarist Che Bradley. Despite being in their early twenties, they have been playing together for over a decade and their deep musical connection is palpable on stage. Their intimate performances are a blend of traditional folk songs and their own material which sounds equally as timeless. The delicate storytelling of Rhiannon’s vocals and the clarity and inventiveness of Che’s guitar playing have made them favorites on the emerging Leeds folk scene.

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Lucky Iris

Lucky Iris are an alt-pop duo, made up of Maeve and Jasper, based in Leeds. With their lyrics described as a ‘cotton-candy kick in the face’, they write songs for you to dance or cry to, depending on your mood. This summer Lucky Iris are set to release their new EP ‘maybe i’m too much’, their latest expression of their lessons learnt in love and friendships. With notable hyper-pop influences and a long-lasting love for British indie music, they are excited to share their most developed sound yet. 

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For more information about the mini-gigs, click here and download our picture guide.

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