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Freedom day? Let's just go steady...

As things begin to re-open this week, we wanted to tell you what this means for Made with Music. The arts sector has been hugely impacted by Covid-19, that includes those who work in it and those who visit or take part in activities. There are certain things we will be doing and thinking about as we move forward. At Made with Music, we always want to make our work inclusive and accessible to as many people as we can and as things start to open up again, we want to recognise that for many of our families and followers, there will be worries and concerns. We will be taking some time off over summer but as we look forward to our programme of work in September, our “reopening” will be an inclusive one. The summer months will give us time to see how things go with regards to the virus and we will put measures in place to make all of our face-to-face work safe and stress-free for everyone involved (including us!)

Of course over the summer, you can access all of our existing videos from new songs to full early years classes, on our YouTube channel.

From September, we will continue to offer an online service for some of our work (early years zoom classes for example) and for those joining us in person, we will consider specific needs of those who want to take part in our activities. We want you to feel comfortable in letting us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience with Made with Music a positive one!

Keep in touch!

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