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Volunteering at Made with Music

There are lots of ways you can volunteer with us, using your skills and learning new ones. You will be supporting our work to help provide accessible live music for families of all ages and abilities.

Volunteering at a Made with Music Mini-Gig

Below are some examples of how volunteers can help at a Made with Music Mini-Gig. If any/all of these roles interest you then contact the email provided below. You can also learn more on our Mini-Gigs page.

Benefits of Volunteering 

Volunteering can be enjoyable, boost your confidence, increase self-esteem, and give you the opportunity to learn new skills (it also looks great on your CV). Music is at the heart of all we do, so you will also get the opportunity to experience some great live music. 

Learn new skills

Our volunteer roles can give you a wide range of skills and experience. You could learn:

  • event organisation

  • team work and leadership

  • time management

  • public speaking (if you would like)

  • customer service skills


If you have a specific skill you want to develop or would like to gain experience in a particular area, you can contact our team directly, contact us.

'I’d strongly encourage anyone to try volunteering at a Made with Music Mini-Gig. The Made with Music staff and volunteers were all extremely welcoming and friendly and made volunteering a straightforward and fun experience. Helping to give children the opportunity to experience live music is super rewarding in and of itself, but you also get the fun of watching some great live music yourself, for free!'

Made with Music Mini-Gig Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering at a Made with Music Mini-Gig or any other Made with Music event then send us an email to for more information.

Other ways to 'Get Involved'

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